5 reasons why you must continue part time education if you are a working adults


it’s 2018! Career ladder are getting more competitive. One of the way to stay competitive and get your head game on is to pursue a higher education. By having at least diploma level certificate, it allows you to understand more about your work and improve your career path.

Here are 5 reasons why you should continue part time education to boost your career:

1) Having next level degree can Increase your salary

Your employee will want to see your diploma or degree certificate before they think if it reasonable enough to agree with your increment. You also should inform your employer what skills you have improved what skills you think are irreplaceable and valuable to the company. By showing them your diploma, they will likely give at least minimum diploma salary.

2) Better chance of employment

There are long queues to interview room, but if you have better certificate, you have nothing to worry about. With a perfect interview technique and your qualification, the SPM level worker seems less desirable in the eye of your interviewer! If you state your CV clearly with the skills they need, you will ace the interview without a sweat! Don’t forget to slip your subject transcript for the interviewer assessment! From there you can elaborate more details on what contribution you can give to their company.

3) Part time study give you flexible time

Unlike the full time courses, part time course are more productive and allow you to gain working experience at the same time. This will give you extra benefit when you want to looking for a new working environment. Why only continue study if you can gain experience at the same time? You are likely beat a full time student who have 0 years of working experience!

4) Make you the smartest person in the room

Imagine knowing bigger knowledge on certain subject at your workplace. People will often look up to you and care about your ideas and wisdom! This indirectly make you become the most important person in the company! This way you will be easily get promoted to managerial position.

5) Well, you have a Rockstar degree to be proud of!

Having a degree, attend convocation, you will experience it all! Just like any full time student do! you will have nice graduation photos as a memory for new career leap in your life!

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