4 UTMSPACE Professional Diploma you can choose from for your part time studies


There are many Universities and college that offer a part time studies for working adults. The most important thing is you also must carefully choose a course that related to your work experience! This will be a good stepping stone for your career journey!

1. Professional Diploma Integrated Logistic & Supply Chain Operation

If you are working in logistic and supply chain operation, you will find this course is cover all your knowledge needs. From lowest position to highest, this course will help you understand more on how to handling import and exported goods. It allows you to do production planning and control for your company. You can help saving cost for your company operation. This course suitable for all who are involve in this logistic industry such as technician, project engineer, supervisor, shipping officer, logistics executive, warehouse executive, procurement executive.

2. Professional Diploma Business & Industrial Management

If logistic is not your thing, you can always go for our second course, Professional Diploma Business & Industrial Management. This course is suitable to industrial management and those who wish to improve their efficiency in managing an industrial operation and management. If you are a supervisor, quality assurance executive, productive executive, operation executive, customer service executive, quality engineer, admin executive & production executive. You may want to take this part time course to help you reach your full potential in your workplace.

3. Professional Diploma Industrial Engineering

This course has been designed perfectly for Engineering, Manufacturing, oil and gas, and technology based industries. Our Professional Diploma Industrial Engineering can help you understand more about business skills and decision making aptitude. This course is targeted for technician, project engineer, supervisor, production executive, quality assurance executive, oil & gas engineer, safety officer.

4. Professional Diploma Petroleum Engineering

Working in Oil and Gas sector is a hotcake in Malaysia! If you are interested about this course, you will learn more about important knowledge about Oil & Gas engineering industries. From QA Tools and Technique into petroleum drilling technology, this course helps you This course are targeted for chemical engineer, mining engineer, petroleum engineer, drilling engineer, safety officer. supervisor, reservoir engineer, production engineer. senior development engineer, field operator, program manager, project manager operations engineering supervisor land drilling engineer, mechanical engineer.

The bottom line is, no matter what path you take, make sure it resonates with your current working experience for your high chance of employment in your desired career! Want to continue part time study with UTMSPACE? Contact us today!

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