6 Good reason why Sree Knowledge Provider (SKP) is a best choice for pursuing your part time diploma


There is a lot of good benefit for part time studies. Student around the world started to realize the benefits to chase their dream career. Part time study will not only give you a diploma, but also will give you a work experience that you need once you need to make that career jump in your life! Here are 6 good reason why we are your best choice for pursuing your part time diploma!

1. We ensure your success until you graduate

We take care of our student’s welfare, Our lecturers and admin registrar are ready to assist you in many aspect for your learning journey. With this determination to see you succeed, we will help you ease the learning process with a conducive and positive environment. Our staff are ready to attend your need and question you have about exam schedule and assignment guidelines in case you need any, we are available on whatsapp everyday!

2. Our programmed are focus on industrial and engineering

We are one of the best learning provider that have variety of course from many different university to help you achieve your career in industrial and engineering. Either from Managerial position to being in the field. Our course subject cover the whole area to increase your knowledge and get you the Diploma you need. Check out our student testimonial here and how it change their life!

3. Study in real universities and enjoy it benefits!

Part time student with respective universities can enjoy many benefit that full time student have, you will be given ID card, Library access and study in the university classroom. A classroom will be fill in air conditioned and spacious room suitable for learning environment.

4. We are following MQA guideline and accredited by MQA

Our Certificate are recognise by MQA and this will help you gain more trust for either your future employer or if you wish to get a job promotion! With the guideline by MQA we can assure our quality is our top priority in delivering education for you.

5. You are able to continue to higher education Degree and Master

We have wide range of course available from Certification, Diploma, Degree and Master! If you fancy more opportunity, you always can have more option to continue study with us and get that job which require high certification!

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