In the current globalized era, businesses are faced with increasing challenges and risks of losing their position to competitors. Investing in human capital has now become a significant and fundamental management tool for retaining leadership positions and forging ahead. By investing in human capital and resources, organizations will realize the value of the most important asset in any organization, i.e. the people. Through innovative and strategic training, organization can develop a highly capable and motivated workforce with the ability to sustain and continuously improve financial and operational performances of the organization.

Based on the needs of the Malaysian workforce, UTMSPACE developed the Professional Diploma programs for those working in the private and public sector and who wish to improve their competency and professionalism through acquiring new knowledge and techniques which will benefit them in terms of career development, and resulting in an improvement in the organization’s performance. This program has been developed in compliance with MQA requirements.

The Professional Diploma program (duration of 12 months) is specially designed and developed to enhance skills and knowledge related to the client’s vocation for career advancement. The curriculum, which is developed and designed by industry experts, lecturers from various field and also professional practitioners, stresses both theoretical and practical aspects, to cater to working adults’ needs in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in related fields.

All courses are conducted on a part-time basis whereby classes are held only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), depending on the particular program and center. The learning and teaching methods are carried out through lectures, discussions, group presentations, exercises, videos and case studies (refer to our gallery). All these methods are enhanced through the use of various teaching aids.

The diploma will be awarded by UTMSPACE

Classes will be conducted in various locations throughout Malaysia with the intention to bring the program closer to our student.

Unique blending of academic and practical learning with industry experts.

Study materials such as notes, online library facilities, academic supervisor and refreshments provided to enhance support

Classes will be conducted only on weekends and students are allowed to choose their preferred study centers.

There is several payment mode that the participants can choose from :
- EPF Withdrawal from (ACCOUNT 2)
- Interest free monthly installments,
- Bank loans
- HRDF SBL claimable as training module for companies contributing to HRDF Fund
The 12 modules divided into the following;

1. Weekend classes
2. Courses will be divided into group activity, discussions, management games etc. to make the programs more enjoyable
and interesting. Please refer to the gallery for some actual photos taken during a training course. - SPM 3 credits (Any Subjects) with 5 years of working experience (Any Field), OR
- STPM 2 principles with 2 years of working experience, OR
- Any other qualification, recognized by UTM Space
(Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements above will be considered through an interview session.)